Conference Juried Showcasing & Conf Overview

The Showcases are a centerpiece of the annual Arts Northwest Conference!

The Arts Northwest Juried Showcases are renowned for the commitment to quality and diversity, as well as its reputation as one of the most effective methods for artists to increase their visibility with presenters in the west.

The performing artists/ensembles are selected by a peer panel process to present a 12-minute excerpt of their work during the annual conference. These showcases are highly sought after and extremely competitive.


Showcase applications for 2019 are now open online! Apply today for a Juried Showcase. 


The 2019 Juried Showcase will take place on October 14 -17 in Boise, Idaho. Please ensure that the artist/ensemble will be available during that time.



Application Fee:  $100 (Non-refundable application fee) 
Confirmation Fee: $100 confirmation fee if you are a selected for a Juried Showcase.  

To apply for a showcase the artist, ensemble or agent MUST be a member and MUST have representation in the exhibit hall at the 2019 ANW Conference. In the event that you meet the showcase standard but there is no more room in the Juried Showcases please indicate if you would like to be considered for an Sessions Juried Showcase.

 We're here to help you! 

Click here for Applying to Showcase FAQ's

The Arts Northwest Juried Showcase applications are now online.

Our new Showcase Application now provides extended timelines for completion and many new features. Get started now!