Conference Juried Showcasing & Conf Overview

The Showcases are a centerpiece of the annual Arts Northwest Conference! 

The Arts Northwest Juried Showcases are renowned for their commitment to quality and diversity, as well as their reputation as one of the most effective methods for artists to increase their visibility with presenters in the west.

The performing artists/ensembles are selected by a peer panel process to present a 12-minute excerpt of their work during the annual conference. These showcases are highly sought after and extremely competitive.

Other showcase opportunities include the Sessions Showcases and the fivepointO (formerly Pitch and Perform) sessions.

In five minutes or less, artists and agents pitch projects and/or perform. This session is an opportunity for artists/agents who are not showcasing a platform to address presenters. This is a great way for non-showcasing artists to increase visibility at the conference.

To be eligible for a fivepointO session at our upcoming conference, you must be a registered attendee.  Artists Showcasing in 2021 are not eligible. Sign up is on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be given the option to sign up when you register.

The fivepointO sessions are intended to increase the visibility for artists at the conference that are self-represented or new to the conference.


Applications for 2023 will open in February 2023. 

Application Fee:  $100 (Non-refundable application fee) 
To apply for a showcase the artist, ensemble or agent MUST be a member of Arts Northwest

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