Benefits of becoming a member

Benefits of becoming a member

Membership Benefits

Arts Northwest connects you with the presenting and touring network throughout the Northwest and beyond!  

Your membership will:
   • Facilitate networking between presenters and artists/management
   • Give you access to our extensive membership directory, including handy regional presenter maps, with valuable contact information.
   • Build a free “Booking Connection” profile on our website.
   • Provide Block Booking services to help you promote and fill in tours.
   • Give you a complimentary membership in the Americans for the Arts Action fund as a result of Arts NW’s partnership with AFTA.
​​​​​​​The annual Arts Northwest Conference with its array of performance showcases, workshops, keynotes, exhibits, consultations, block booking, networking with your peers, and professional development opportunities is considered one of the best in the nation.

Why should YOU join Arts Northwest?

   • To help you book the highest caliber cultural and artistic programs for your theater, hall or community event.
   • As a performer – to get booked into communities across the northwest.
   • As an agent/manager – to get your performers booked.
   • To connect with other presenters and/or artists/management based or working in the northwest.​​​​​​​
   • To gain knowledge and connections by networking with your peers.
   • To be an advocate for the arts as part of Arts Northwest, the larger group that is working on your behalf at the regional and national level.
   • The Arts Northwest Membership Directory includes profiles of our members, a roster of Northwest artists, arts organizations, presenters, local arts councils, and other resource information.
   • Access Block Booking Reports that profile booking interests expressed by presenters and local arts agencies who participate in the annual Booking Cooperative.
   • Increase your tour size with Block Booking Invitations and alert presenter members of opportunities to join a block!