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One of the region's largest gathering of artists, their management, and presenters of the performing arts. Four highly productive and professional days include dynamic performance showcases, Keynote Speaker, workshops, block-booking sessions, a packed exhibit hall, pitch / perform sessions, and social networking opportunities!  Presenters of the performing arts will discover untapped resources, ideas, and inspiration. Performers/artist's management have a medium that allows them access to the presenting organizations and individuals throughout the northwest, and helps get them in front of the audience most capable of booking them into the western U.S. market! The ANW Conference is an opportunity to renew, refresh and remember why it is what you do with commitment AND passion.

The Arts Northwest 2019 Booking Conference Registrations are now online.

This year's Annual Booking Conference will be held in Boise, Idaho at The Grove Hotel on October 14 - October 17, 2019. Register now!

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Congratulations to our 2018 Showcase Award Grant recipient:

Arcis Saxophone Quartet

Hope to see you in Boise on October 14-17, 2019!








The 39th Annual Arts Northwest Conference

Monday, October 14 through Thursday, October 17, 2019 in Boise, Idaho for the 39th Annual Arts Northwest Conference. 

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We depend on our strong and growing membership base to make it all happen. Join us in creating a more vibrant and exciting arts community in the great northwest!

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Arts NW Member Testimonials!

“We have 10 cities in Alaska and several other dates on hold in Oregon, Washingon and California! The showcase really made a huge difference in our bookings in the NorthWest! Thank you for the opportunity.”
“The Arts Northwest conference is, without a doubt, one of the best run gatherings it has ever been my pleasure to attend. You are a great team and allowed business to be accomplished without any hassles or mishaps. Quite an accomplishment! BTW, it did not hurt that METALES M5 received about 25-presenter interest hits. We are going to have a 6-state tour because of the showcase. THANK YOU! ”
“This is a great opportunity to experience artists with wonderful talent, to feel comfortable conversing with new acquaintances and having the opportunity to learn more in a friendly setting.”
“(Regarding Block Booking) Thank you, Jeanette for your prompt work. I've gotten a call from Las Vegas already. Talking about dates! Thank you!!!”
“This was my first time attending the conference and I was very appreciative the warmth and openness of everyone I met. The volunteers, artists, presenters, hotel staff, etc were all so very welcoming and engaging. One of the best music conferences I've attended. Great hotel and music venue as well. Thank you for including me in your showcase group this year!”
“To the wonderful team at ANW: Let me say that I was very impressed with the overall vibe at the event. It was friendly, welcoming, professional and inspiring and I think that comes from the organization behind the event and the people tasked with the operations. I remember having questions before I even applied to showcase and from that first question to the closing of the event, mine was a great experience.”
“I enjoyed everything that Arts Northwest offered. Connecting is probably the thing that I value the most and Arts Northwest gives us plenty of opportunity to do that. Starting from the welcome reception through the block booking meetings I had so many opportunities to meet new faces, exchange business cards, and walk away knowing that I have made another connection that may be of some value to my organization.”
“Great to meet artists, agents, and presenters. This conference is perfect for our audience and budget needs.”
“I loved the intimacy that holding this year's conference in a smaller venue afforded. It was TERRIFIC to have the market place in the same facility as the hotel.”
“Meeting interesting, connected, knowledgeable, nice people and learning about Arts Northwest and how booking in the region works.”
“I enjoyed the energy of the performers, colleagues, and the flow of the entire week! I love that new things were tried. I heard a ton of positive comments throughout the week!!”
“The agenda/itinerary flowed really well. I enjoyed the pitch sessions and liked the after hour showcases being the last day, instead of both Tues and Wed. I like that there seemed to be more workshops for artists/performers. Thanks Sam! You did an amazing job!”
“The friendly and supportive atmosphere was very welcoming for me as a new member.”
“You all work so hard, and I saw incredible improvements in the way things ran as opposed to last year, my first time. I also love the fellowship that you all encourage in this particular conference. It is by far the friendliest of all of the others that I attended so far this year! (WAA, Midwest & PAE). Keep up that GREAT work that you are putting in to make this conference so wonderful! You are appreciated!”
“Juried showcase and during the "interview" portion got to reveal additional relevant information about our dance company that really helped to peak interest of presenters EVEN MORE! We got 13 potential prospects for engagement, 4 other artists interested in collaborating with us. This is huge.”
“Good booth traffic that was aided by the Pitch/Perform Session. It gave visibility and presenters noted booth numbers to seek out artists and agents in the exhibit hall.”
“Sam has done an extraordinary job as Executive Director. Well tempered, serious minded and very approachable. She is wonderful. Her ideas for the pitch session and the Q&A of artists after performance are both great ideas that make the conference even more directed and valuable. She can do no wrong.”
“It was my first time attending an Arts NW Booking Conference. However I have been to other sorts of conferences, and this was the best conference I've ever been too, hands down! I enjoyed everything about it. The three workshops I took were very educational. I enjoyed meeting peers and co-presenters. All of the performances were entertaining and inspiring. I enjoyed having time to visit with people at their booths and between events.”
“This is a friendly conference. The presenters are very conscientious about seeing work, using the Exhibit Hall, attending events -- makes it worth coming for artists and agents. Also, the block booking format is good if you are lucky enough to be part of a block book.”
“We come to these conferences to FIND TALENT. That is what we value, and we found a couple of "diamonds" and a few "pearls" for our concert series.”
“Great to meet so many new people in the industry, especially those that would not otherwise get to regional or national conferences. Quality and quantity of showcasing was very much appreciated.”
“Since there is a wide range of size and shape in our network, this is a great conference at which we can all find value. I appreciate the diversity of showcasing artists, and the opportunity to find artists that can appeal to a variety of communities. It helps us to better define what kinds of artists might be appropriate for our communities, with quality in mind.”
“So much fun getting to better understand what artists, agents, and presenters go through to make their job successful! I enjoyed seeing all the performances. It was really fun!”
“I found the conference to be very approachable. As a first time attendee, I felt I was provided the resources to be prepared and excel at the conference.”
“As a new colleague to the conference I felt the atmosphere to be open and inviting.”
“I always feel like the conference has my best interests at heart and that I can always come to a staff member with any problems or questions I might have.”
“The showcases -- in particular, the structure of everyone attending together. The more laid-back atmosphere, compared to other conferences, is also great for networking and developing relationships with colleagues.”
“I enjoyed and valued coming back into the conference and feeling how important all our work is. Several times we heard comments on the artistic and economic reasons what we do matters, it's good to hear and it helps us go back to our organizations with renewed energy. I also really enjoyed and valued the new artists, it's clear that staff and board worked hard to make this conference attractive and worthwhile to many.”
“Arts Northwest was my first introduction to the lifeblood of my organization; having the opportunity to enjoy the showcases and begin planning the next season is invaluable. Arts Northwest is incredibly well-organized, enjoyable, and informative. Having taken on my position just two months before last year's conference, it made huge contributions to my knowledge of presenting, my network, and expanded my ideas for shows to present.”
“ANW means a great deal to me - I am on the phone with Friends and colleagues throughout the year - it is always great to visit and have fun - in one word? Exhilarating”
“Arts Northwest represents an ongoing and fluid opportunity to present our group to the level and type of venues that best suits our entertainment style on an ongoing basis. We love the communication and interaction that goes on all year long, and the helpful staff that is always just an email away. Over the years we have pared down our association involvement on an ROI basis. Arts Northwest remains one of the few we remain members of. Thank you for all you do!”
“Arts Northwest: a collective force enhancing life in the Pacific Northwest on behalf of our individual and greater communities.”
“How did an independent entertainer from Alaska book venues in seven western states?......Arts Northwest!”
“Welcoming, Familial, Fun, Productive - My favorite conference!”
“Relaxed atmosphere to do business. Much appreciated!!”
“"Connecting in the moment."”