Our first Pitch and Perform Session Event was a great success!

We were excited to introduce pitch sessions at last year's conference. These replaced the sales spots during the showcases. In five minutes or less, artists and agents pitched projects and/or performed. This session gave an opportunity for exhibit hall delegates who were not showcasing this year the opportunity to address presenters.This was a great opportunity for non-showcasing artists to increase visibility at the conference.

To be eligible for a pitch session at our upcoming conference, you must be a registered attendee with a booth in the exhibit hall. Artists Showcasing in 2017 are not eligible. Sign up is on a first come, first serve basis. You will be given the option to sign up when you register.

Conference registration opens in June 2017. Sign up early as spaces will fill up quickly. 

Pitch Session details:

  • Pitch sessions are five minutes or less
  • No tech is provided except a mic and amp.
  • What you do at the pitch & perform session is up to you! Sing, dance, tell a story, play a song...
  • Artists performing at the pitch & perform sessions will be listed in the program and will be presented at the Block Booking meeting.

Blaze and Kelly at 2016 Pitch and Perform