Arts North West

Arts Northwest Frequently Asked Questions

Simply go to the Join Now button and click it! You will select the type of membership and create your member profile and then pay for one year.

It depends on your membership type. You can find the 5 different levels on the Join Arts Northwest page.

Arts Northwest Booking Conferences are held each fall. Our next conference is Oct 11-13, 2021 in Spokane, WA.

The new colleagues meeting is designed to help new colleagues get acquainted with other conference attendees and learn what to expect from your first conference. We want to ensure that your first conference is effective and fun! All are welcome. Simply attend the meeting.

Dine arounds are a networking opportunity at the conference. Sign up sheets are located near the registration booth. You will meet your group in the registration area and head to the restaurant as a group. Dine arounds are "pay your own way". Tip: Bring cash. It makes it easier when the bill arrives.

Conference registration Update! Register and reserve your exhibit hall booth - which includes one full delegate registration - pay for one additional delegate - then any other delegates from your group are FREE! Simply register them with our new "artist hall pass"! The only charges will be for the Welcome Reception and the Keynote Luncheon (optional).

You can apply online for a showcase. In 2021, Showcase applications open April 5. Click on the link on our home page to access the application.

You are ineligible to apply to showcase in 2021 if you were a successful Arts Northwest Juried Showcase artist applicant in either 2018 or 2019. If you had a Sessions Showcase in 2018 or 2019 you are eligible to apply for a showcase in 2021. You or your agent must be a member of Arts Northwest to APPLY to showcase at the Arts Northwest Conference. (An agency's membership covers the artists on their roster). IF you are selected, you must agree to have representation in the exhibit hall. It is expected that the 12-minute showcase will closely mirror the sample provided, in quality and production value, including any props or costumes. Waived 2021: Additional Juried Showcase fee: $100 if accepted (application fee not applied to this amount)