We know that Arts Northwest and the annual conference are important to you and your organization. ANW relies on grants, donations, and your generous sponsorships to cover the gap in expenses.

You make it possible! Thank you.

Contact us at admin@artsnw.org to get your sponsorship!

Benefits of sponsorship

  • Listing and logo in the Sponsor tab of the conference app with links and contact info
  • Logo within app on the page of sponsored event
  • Acknowledgment of your sponsorship by MCs at events.
  • The warm, fuzzy feeling

Sponsorship Opportunities

New this year (unfortunately)

The mask is back! Due to state mandates, masks will be required for all conference attendees regardless of vax status. With this in mind, we would like to introduce our newest sponsorship opportunity “Mask up" sponsorship. Your logo will be printed on the masks that we are giving out at registration. Get your mask sponsorship now! $350 per sponsorship puts your logo on half of all the conference masks. Think about that!… options are available.

Both options SOLD, Juan de fuca Foundation, WOACA Live

Opening Reception 1000

This event is the official welcome to the 2021 Arts Northwest Conference. Be the host of the opening reception with everyone together. Additional benefits of this sponsorship include a half-page ad in the conference program

  • Half-page ad in program

Conference web app 450 - SOLD, Tower Theatre

Sponsor the conference web app. Your logo and sponsorship will be displayed exclusively on the welcome page of the conference web app and on the bottom of the attendee profile page. This Sponsorship also includes a quarter-page ad in the conference program. 

The Hub Coffee break 300 - SOLD WOACA Live

Refreshment break! Located in the Hub, this provides a great opportunity for attendees to socialize and share a cup of coffee (or tea!) and snacks. Sponsorship of the refreshment breaks allows you to put your name in full view of ANW attendees.  Sponsors have the opportunity to provide cups and/or napkins with their company logo (costs incurred are the responsibility of the sponsor). Includes quarter-page ad in the conference program.

  • Quarter page ad in program

fivepointO Sessions 300 - SOLD WOACA Live

In five minutes or less artists and agents will pitch projects and/or perform. This session will give an opportunity to the Hub delegates who are not showcasing this year the opportunity to address presenters. fivepointO will take place on Tuesday morning. Includes a quarter-page ad in the conference program. 

  • Quarter page ad in program

Block Booking Meeting 300

The Arts Northwest Conference is known for its effective block booking meetings. Two meetings occur during the conference.  While the block booking meetings are attended by presenters only, the results are shared with everyone. This is an important tool for presenters and artists/management in booking a season and tour routing.

Showcases 400

This is the perfect way to highlight your agency or showcase!

Your logo (with hyperlink) and message on the conference attendee announcement.

3 options available,  1 SOLD WOACA Live

General Conference Support 200

Your conference sponsorship helps us deliver and sustain the high-caliber programming offered at our annual conference.

Advertising opportunities

Consider advertising in our conference program. Your ad will be seen in the printed program and online for our remote attendees. Get the word out about your upcoming shows and events! Increase your reach and find new audiences. It's simple, effective, and efficient. 

Available ad space:

Back cover of the program (color) / $750

Inside front cover of program (color) / $700

Inside back cover of program (color) / $700

Full page (b&w) /$600

1/2 page (b&w) / $400

1/4 page (b&w) / $250

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Your logo on the conference app.Want to increase your visibility at the Arts Northwest conference? Get your logo placed on the WebApp banner, Conference agenda, or on the attendee profile page. Keep your logo front and center with conference attendees

4 options are available:

Logo placement