Thanks to the generosity of WESTAF, we are proud to present the annual

Voted on by all registered conference attendees, this award is presented to the artist or ensemble who best represents the excellence of performing arts in our region through their showcase performance (eligible artists may perform in either the Juried or Sessions Juried Showcase).  In addition to the honor of being "best of show" the award comes with a $5,000 tour support grant. Distributed to presenters at the artists' discretion, the Arts NW Showcase Award Grant is intended to encourage block booking within the region.  The winning artist may designate presenter grants in any amount of up to $2,500 or 50% of their performance fee, whichever is less. Presenters receiving grants must be attendees of the Arts Northwest Conference. 

The recipients of 2018 Showcase Award Grant:



The recipients of 2017 Showcase Award Grant:

Derina Harvey Band - Congratulations!


And the 2016 winners - The Quebe Sisters!


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