Val Vigoda
Val Vigoda

Showcase Info

  • Genre: Music
  • Type: AHS
  • Date & Time: WED, Oct 16, 8:35-8:47pm

Performance Info

  • Years Touring: 25
  • Number of Performers: 1
  • Fee Range: 3,500-5000
Valerie combines vocals and electric violin in a one-woman loop-driven pop symphony of song, created in real time onstage. Her powerful, entrancing voice and her eye-and-ear-catching six-string electric violin are augmented by the use of live looping to create something fresh and riveting, in this technology-meets-art sensation of a show. Songs may include: "Just Getting Good"- an optimistic powerful rocker; "Thaw/Irish Lullaby"- a moving tribute to Val's mother, mashed up with a classic Irish lullaby; and "Right Now"- an anthem about the immense potential of the present moment, created for an event where Michelle Obama was the keynote speaker.
Website: Val Vigoda