Jim Byrnes
Jim Byrnes

Showcase Info

  • Genre: Music
  • Type: JSC
  • Date & Time: Wed, Oct 16 - 4:46 - 4:58 pm

Performance Info

  • Years Touring: 50
  • Number of Performers: 4
  • Fee Range: 3,500 - 6,000
Born in St. Louis, the heart of blues country, Jim was singing and playing blues guitar by age 13. Now a native of Vancouver, he has had the great good fortune to appear with a virtual who's who of the blues. From Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker to Taj Mahal and Robert Cray, Jim has been on the blues highway his whole career. His evocative, smoky vocals are found in a truth that doesn't come overnight. With five award winning albums to his credit, Jim Byrnes will showcase music from his blues/gospel catalogue.
Website: Jim Byrnes