Marina and the Dreamboats
Marina and the Dreamboats

Showcase Info

  • Genre: Music
  • Type: JSC
  • Date & Time: Wed, Oct 16 - 3:04 - 3:16 pm

Performance Info

  • Years Touring: 4
  • Number of Performers: 5-6
  • Fee Range: $3000-$4000
After being diagnosed with a tumor that threatens her right arm, Marina Christopher felt a fire to further launch her dream project. Writing and recording between surgeries and radiation therapy resulted in 'Marina and the Dreamboats', a sassy and soulful band performing songs with depth, humor and a contagious amount of pure joy. 'Marina and the Dreamboats' deliver an addictive blend of jazz, soul, and classic pop and aren't afraid to throw in a New Orleans second line here and there for good measure.
Website: Marina and the Dreamboats