The String Revolution
The String Revolution

Showcase Info

  • Genre: Music
  • Type: AHS
  • Date & Time: WED, Oct 16, 10:21-10:33pm

Performance Info

  • Years Touring: 6
  • Number of Performers: 4
  • Fee Range: $3500-$7500
The String Revolution is a unique project featuring 4 world class guitarists that use their guitars in unique ways to create a "full band" sound mimicking percussion, bass, and more. Their songs are a variety of styles from modern instrumental to bluegrass to Latin as well popular covers, but what binds them together is their unusual arrangements on the guitar- while keeping a driving rhythm and a true melodic sensibility. The String Revolution brings colorful performance, passion, and professionalism in their shows as they leave the audience wanting more from these four virtuosic guitarists.
Website: The String Revolution