The 37th Annual Booking Conference

October 9 -12, 2017

Tacoma, Washington at the Hotel Murano



Exhibitor Booth info:

Floorplan of Exhibit Hall


What are the booth dimensions? Depending on your registration, the tables are 8" wide or 4" wide. Included with the registration include a skirted table, chair, wastebasket, and sign. 

How much does a booth cost? Please click here for booth information 

How to I get electricity in my booth? Please click on the link above " Vendor power and AV form"

Is there the internet in the exhibit hall? Yes, wireless internet is available in the exhibit hall free of charge. 

Can I play DVD’s or CDs at my booth?You can play DVDs and CDs at your booth provided that you bring headphones with you. We recommend that computers, iPods, and other equipment not be left at your booth unattended.

Can I access the Exhibit Hall throughout the conference?
The exhibit hall is secured when not in use and entrance in and out may not be possible at times during the conference. Attendees must wear their name badges when they are in the hall. Volunteers and staff will monitor the doors and check for badges when the room is open.

Can I get a list of presenters who have registered prior to the conference?
Arts Northwest will make an attendee list available before the conference on our website in the member's section.

Who is the stage manager? Kirk Boyd is our stage manager. His email address is

Are there any specific guidelines about displays in our booth, height/size limitations or placement of materials within the booth?

Displays and Promotional Materials:

All signs, banners, and displays must be no taller than 8’ in height and must not interfere or obstruct neighboring exhibit spaces.

No signs, banners, or displays should be placed outside the interior of your booth. Under no circumstances should any of these items be placed in other conference facilities, including hotel, hospitality or showcasing space, unless an advertising or sponsorship agreement has been made in writing prior to the conference that allows such signage.

Candles and open flame devices are prohibited in any conference space, as are the use and display of compressed gasses, flammable liquids, or dangerous chemicals.

Not sure about some of our Conference Features?

-New Colleagues event (how do we apply?) - simply attend the event! If you would like a mentor, you can request one when you register. 

-Welcome reception – simply attend the event!

-One on One Consults (Tues and Wed) and how to apply? - sign-up at the Registration Booth at the conference

-Dine arounds…. Not sure what this is? Networking opportunity. Sign up at registration booth