Are you working on booking an upcoming tour?

As an individual artist or artist representative, one of the many benefits of being a current member of Arts Northwest is our Block Booking email blast. If your upcoming tour meets the following criteria, we will build an email for you and send it out to our entire membership!


Block Booking Information Check List

Please provide the following for your Block Booking email Blast:

  1. Photo
  2. Name of Agency booking the act (if applicable)
  3. Description of show
  4. Links if applicable
  5. Tour dates with available dates (must have at least 3 confirmed bookings)
  6. Management/Individual contact information for booking


Please note: Block Booking email blasts are an arts Northwest member benefit and only available to current members. Please limit your request to one email (per tour) per quarter (3 months).

Please email your information to

Presenters: To view the Block Booking Report visit the member section and click the orange button "View the Block Booking Report", which is under the Block Booking entry form.