The Mari Black Trio

Genre: Music

State of Residence: MA

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The Mari Black Trio: Management/Contact Info

Booking Contact:
Location: Cambridge, MA
Phone: 617-216-7837
Website: The Mari Black Trio's Website

The Mari Black Trio: Description

Multistyle violinist & champion fiddler MARI BLACK’s virtuosic fiddling, sparkling stage presence, and commitment to bringing people together through music have made her a favorite with audiences across the country and around the world. A master of diverse musical styles and winner of several major international competitions, Mari sweeps her audiences away on a spirited musical adventure featuring dance music from around the globe: Celtic, American, and Canadian fiddling, jazz, tango, klezmer, folk, original works, and more. She and her dynamic band will treat you to an unforgettable experience that will have you tapping your toes and dancing in the aisles! Learn more and follow Mari's adventures at: “One of the brightest young fiddlers around today.” — Brian O’Donovan, host of WGBH radio’s “A Celtic Sojourn” “Particularly impressive” — The Boston Globe “Superb, inspiring, and unforgettable! Her magic is such that she sweeps audiences along with the sounds she and her instrument make.” — Willie Ruff, Director of the Ellington Jazz Series, Yale University

The Mari Black Trio: Description of Outreach Options

Mari is an experienced teacher, with a Doctorate in Education from Columbia University. She has taught at prestigious fiddle camps (including the Swannanoa Gathering, the Acadia Trad School, the Jink & Diddle Scottish Fiddle School), and she loves giving workshops and outreach performances to audiences of all ages. Mari is available for: - Master classes - Joint fiddle & accompaniment workshops for all ages (classes come together at the end to jam on the tunes they learn) - Virtual workshops via Zoom Video (or other platforms) for fiddlers, instrumentalists, dancers, teachers, and musical enthusiasts of all ages and levels of expertise - Teacher workshops - Sequential teacher and student performances leading to a culminating performance with Mari and her band For schools, Mari can present educational performances as well as bus-in performances in conjunction with evening concerts at performing arts centers.

The Mari Black Trio: Pandemic Performance Options

The Mari Black Trio: Description of Provisional Touring Options

Mari is available for indoor or outdoor concerts featuring her "Fiddling Around the World" show, which she can present various version of ranging from short performances (~30 minute festival-style set) to a full-length concert (two 45-minute sets). She tours primarily with her trio (violin/guitar/upright bass), and also has a duo version of her show (violin/piano), both designed to delight and engage audiences of all ages. Mari is happy to perform live or arrange a streaming performance from your venue. Hybrid live/streaming events are also welcome. - Regional block booking available.
- We offer hybrid/video events
- Touring will resume on 7/2021

The Mari Black Trio: Tech Requirements

PRODUCTION AND STAGING REQUIREMENTS - Minimum stage requirement: 18’ x 12’. - Hard stage floor — no rug or carpet (for acoustic reasons). - A high-quality sound system designed for acoustic music, including the following pieces of equipment: --A high-quality mixer with at least 6 channels. --Three (3) high-quality stage monitors, adequately powered (minimum 100 watts per speaker) to provide distortion/noise-free sound --Two (2) dynamic microphones (Shure SM58 or equivalent), with stands --Two (2) XLR inputs with phantom power for violin and bass clip-on microphones --Two (2) DIs for guitar and bass

The Mari Black Trio: Fee Ranges

Fee Range for public performances: $3000-$5000
Fee Range for residencies and workshops: $500-5000