Encore Saxophone Quartet

Genre: Music

State of Residence: CA

Encore Saxophone Quartet: Management/Contact Info

Management/Company: Marian Liebowitz Artist Management
Booking Contact: Marian Liebowitz
Location: Morro Bay, CA
Phone: 6199880751
Email: marian@marianliebowitz.com
Website: Encore Saxophone Quartet's Website

Encore Saxophone Quartet: Description

The award-winning Encore Saxophone Quartet is among Los Angeles’ premier performing ensembles. Touted during their South African tour, as “Masters of the saxophone, impressing their listeners not only by brilliant virtuosity but equally by some of the most delicate sounds imaginable”, the internationally renowned Quartet is led by Douglas Masek and was the only American chamber music group selected to perform at the prestigious 2019 Lansum International Music Festival. The saxophone, invented in the 1840’s by Adolphe Sax, has proven to be one of the most versatile wind instruments to ever be created. It has crossed over into many genres of musical styles and historical creations of a mélange of sound. The mission of the Encore Saxophone Quartet is to provide the listening audience with an exciting and memorable voyage...to revisit times past, create new beginnings, and to join us on a trip of new-found adventures. With a unique blending of innovative and diverse programming, along with informal narrative, the Encore Saxophone Quartet transports its listeners on a musical journey that exhibits the many colorful sound possibilities encompassing the sound spectrum of the saxophone in a quartet setting.

Encore Saxophone Quartet: Description of Outreach Options

Equally at home for local, streamed or hybrid events, the four members of the quartet are all experienced educators. Specifically for workshops, the Encore Saxophone Quartet will demonstrate each of the saxophones; its history, sizes, and their ranges, along with additional information: 1. Showing the reed and how it produces sound. 2. Importance of the mouthpiece for different styles of music. 3. Describing the different metals saxophones can be made from and how it effects the sound. 4. Discussing various specialty techniques and sound effects from the modern-day saxophonist. i.e.: growls, slap tongue, timbre changes, etc. 5. Demonstrating variations in sounds of the saxophone to fit different musical styles. i.e.: Classical versus Jazz. 6. Playing in a chamber music setting. After performing, the students will interact with the Encore Saxophone Quartet and have a Question and Answer Session.

Encore Saxophone Quartet: Pandemic Performance Options

Encore Saxophone Quartet: Description of Provisional Touring Options

We have continued to tour during the pandemic using our agency's Safe Yet Together protocols. We are happy to do live, hybrid, or virtual bookings. - We can travel up to 500.
- Regional block booking available.
- We offer hybrid/video events
- Touring will resume on 4/2021

Encore Saxophone Quartet: Tech Requirements

Four Music Stands

Encore Saxophone Quartet: Fee Ranges

Fee Range for public performances: $3,500-$10,000
Fee Range for residencies and workshops: $7,500-$15,000