LP and the Vinyl

Genre: Music

State of Residence: CA

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LP and the Vinyl: Management/Contact Info

Management/Company: Marian Liebowitz Artist Management
Booking Contact: Marian Liebowitz
Location: Morro Bay, CA
Phone: 6199880751
Email: marian@marianliebowitz.com
Website: LP and the Vinyl's Website

LP and the Vinyl: Description

After years of intensive recording projects and concerts for jazz aficionados throughout the U.S., four San Diego-based musicians came together with a purpose: explore the art of song in their own unique way! Renowned jazz, blues and gospel singer Leonard Patton teamed up with the critically acclaimed Danny Green Trio to form LP And The Vinyl. The band’s wide array of influences includes everything from jazz, R&B, and rock, to 80’s and 90’s hits, Brazilian music, and classical music. Blending these sounds together, LP And The Vinyl has created a highly unique and personal approach to music-making that leaves its audiences energized and craving more. The group’s repertoire draws from three separate areas: beautifully reimagined renditions of favorite hits by artists including Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, and David Bowie, fresh and funky explorations of jazz standards, and their own original songs. Since their formation in 2015, LP And The Vinyl has performed at the Telluride Jazz Festival, the Vail Jazz Festival, Laguna Festival of the Arts, Chandler Center for the Arts, and the Museum of Making Music. Touring in the Northwest in Spring of 2022!

LP and the Vinyl: Description of Outreach Options

The members of LP And The Vinyl are highly devoted to music education. They offer a variety of lectures geared toward musicians and non-musicians, as well as clinics for jazz ensembles. In addition to in-person outreach, the group has also hey have also developed virtual outreach materials including videos and a study guide. They were selected for a week-long residency at Quad City Arts which will take place in April, 2022. Lectures: Through a combination of performance and discussion, LP And The Vinyl takes the audience into the mind of a jazz musician - a behind the scenes look at the composing and creative process, improvisation, and interaction techniques, and the function of each instrument in the ensemble. Lectures also cover elements of jazz history, placing an emphasis on how music from cultures all around the world shaped and continue to shape jazz. Lectures are intended for both musicians and non- musicians, and can be customized for all age levels. Clinics: Clinics with LP And The Vinyl are intensive studies designed to nurture students’ growth as musicians, both technically and creatively. Each member of the group works closely with individual students and with the ensemble as a whole.

LP and the Vinyl: Pandemic Performance Options

- We can travel up to 500.
- Regional block booking available.
- We offer hybrid/video events
- Touring will resume on 1/2022

LP and the Vinyl: Tech Requirements

Backline: piano or keyboard, drum set, upright bass and bass amp Standard sound equipment

LP and the Vinyl: Fee Ranges

Fee Range for public performances: $3,500-$10,000
Fee Range for residencies and workshops: $7,500-$15,000