Scott Kirby

Genre: Music

State of Residence: CO

Scott Kirby: Management/Contact Info

Management/Company: Scott Kirby
Booking Contact: Scott Kirby
Location: Boulder, CO
Phone: 208-946-3428
Website: Scott Kirby's Website

Scott Kirby: Description

Scott Kirby is widely recognized as the leading interpreter of Scott Joplin's ragtime, has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning, and has presented at the Smithsonian Institute. His program, "Main Street Souvenirs" is an audio-visual celebration of the American small town and the landscape of the American West, featuring live piano ,music, storytelling, and a video component consisting of archival footage, Kirby's own artwork, and custom material made for the presenting community. Kirby can customize this narrated "movie-concert" to include visual material, history and interviews from the town he is in, a unique feature of the program. This creates a shared experience for the audience, and an opportunity to see their own "Main Street," as well as see how it fits into the larger context of the American landscape and townscape.

Scott Kirby: Pandemic Performance Options

- We can travel up to 1500.
- Regional block booking available.
- Touring will resume on 2/2021

Scott Kirby: Tech Requirements

Technical Requirements: 1. Well-tuned piano 2. Screen or Scrim (9 feet wide minimum) 3. Sound System (I have my own mic.) 4. Lighting (directional, as much as possible, and dimmable) If available: 1. Projector 2. Spotlight 3. Large screen (the bigger, the better) Notes: 1. Performer has his own projector, when needed 2. Performer has a screen that is 6 feet wide and ONLY suitable for small venues 3. The IMAGE SIZE is crucial. Therefore the screen should be as far downstage as possible... (close to audience) 4. The directional light, or spotlight, should come from “across” the auditorium (opposite side as piano) thus minimizing light shining on screen, and should be narrow in

Scott Kirby: Fee Ranges

Fee Range for public performances: $2,500 - $10,000
Fee Range for residencies and workshops: $250 - 500