Ladies of Laughter

Genre: Comedy

State of Residence: NY

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Ladies of Laughter : Management/Contact Info

Management/Company: Ladies of Laughter, Inc.
Booking Contact: Peggy Boyce
Location: Peekskill, NY
Phone: 201-233-8015
Website: Ladies of Laughter 's Website

Ladies of Laughter : Description

The Ladies of Laughter Funny & Fabulous Tour includes winners and the best talent from its national competition. It started out as an annual videotape comedy competition in New York to honor a fellow women in comedy who helped so many others get their start. Since then, it has steadily become known in the comedy world as the CAREERBUILDER FOR WOMEN IN COMEDY. Since its inaugural year when the contest went “live” in a YWCA in New Jersey, The Ladies of Laughter contest has visited legendary venues including Caesars and Madison Square Garden. Past participants include Amy Schumer, Tammy Pescatelli and “Big Bang Theory” star, Melissa Rauch, among countless others. The Funny & Fabulous Tour has visited beautiful theaters all over America with some theaters bringing us back two and three times a year. In March of 2020, it will be our 4th year visiting the Mount Baker theatre in Bellingham, our 2nd year visiting The Washington Center Center for the Performing Arts in Olympia and our 1st year performing at the Gallo Arts Center in Modesto. Unfortunately, we are unable to make it to Arts Northwest Conference in October, but hope you will still consider Ladies of Laughter!

Ladies of Laughter : Pandemic Performance Options

Ladies of Laughter has not yet updated the provisional performance information. Please check back regularly for updates or contact the the artist.

Ladies of Laughter : Tech Requirements

Very simple. We require a microphone, stage, lighting and a screen to have our logo present. We provide stage on/off music.

Ladies of Laughter : Fee Ranges

Fee Range for public performances: $6,500-$10,000
Fee Range for residencies and workshops: $8,500-$12,000