Genre: Music

State of Residence: CA

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Jaca: Management/Contact Info

Booking Contact: Jaxon Williams
Location: Glendale, CA
Phone: 541-840-8140
Email: info@jacamusic.com
Website: Jaca's Website

Jaca: Description

Jâca is a clarinet and guitar duo that combines classical and world music to bring an adventurous, passionate, and completely original musical style to the stage. Jâca’s music reflects the versatility of their instruments, using Western Classical training as a base to combine with their diverse musical and cultural heritage. From Flamenco to Fado, Appalachia to Argentina, and guitar slides to clarinet smears, Jâca’s music is truly a unique fusion that fits into no single genre. The duo breathes new life into the traditional concert experience, ignoring convention and consistently leaving their audiences buzzing. “At a Jâca concert you’re not just a bystander - you feel a part of it.” (Humans of Chamber Music). Available for live or hybrid concerts. See below or more information (in the outreach section) and an example of our innovative and hands-off livestream concert (Video 2).

Jaca: Pandemic Performance Options

Jaca: Description of Provisional Touring Options

We offer a unique livestream concert format that has made audiences very happy during covid. The concert experience includes a professionally produced performance divided into 4 segments, with livestream interactive segments between. Livestream segments include giveaways, interaction, audience-initiated musical improvisation, and encores. This format is offered at a lower price than an in-person concert and is a fantastic, cost-effective way for orgs to keep from losing their audiences during this long gap with no concerts. **Note: All streaming/production is taken care of at no extra cost by Jaca. - We can travel up to 500.
- Regional block booking available.
- We offer hybrid/video events
- Touring will resume on 1/2021

Jaca: Tech Requirements

Tech requirements vary depending on venue. Ideal setup: 2 piano/artist benches, 2+ floor mics, pair of stereo condenser mics, electrical outlet or extension cord for (artist-supplied) guitar amplifier. Call Jaxon at 541-840-8140 or see Stage Rider for more info.

Jaca: Fee Ranges

Fee Range for public performances: 1500-2500
Fee Range for residencies and workshops: 500-3000