PUSH Physical Theatre "PUSH"

Genre: Physical Theatre

State of Residence: NY

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PUSH Physical Theatre "PUSH": Management/Contact Info

Management/Company: Robin Klinger Entertainment
Booking Contact: Robin Klinger
Location: Great Neck, NY
Phone: 516.472.7130
Fax: 516.472.7129
Email: robin@robinklingerentertainment.com
Website: PUSH Physical Theatre "PUSH"'s Website

PUSH Physical Theatre "PUSH": Description

Seeing award-winning PUSH Physical Theatre is like watching a live-action movie. This talented group of performers inspires awe with physical illusions and gravity-defying, dance-infused, acrobatic high-jinx. It's cool, it's athletic, it's a perfect metaphor-in-motion: the narratives of our lives played out with hope, strength and optimism. Once you've experienced the myth and magic of PUSH, you will know the strength of the human soul expressed by the power of the human body The Natural World What does it look like to literally give someone a hand? The ramifications of kindness, respect, conflict, and friendship, are discovered by a community of fantastical creatures that are created from the performer's bodies. Red Ball Funded by a $28,030 grant from the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation, 'PUSHinterPLAY' was born as collaboration with student and faculty from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf and Rochester Institute of Technology to explore the interplay between virtual and physical reality and communication. "Red Ball" was inspired by the use of iPads to create on-stage adventures for electronic characters Galileo This piece was created in homage to Galileo's discovery. This work

PUSH Physical Theatre "PUSH": Pandemic Performance Options

PUSH Physical Theatre "PUSH" has not yet updated the provisional performance information. Please check back regularly for updates or contact the the artist.

PUSH Physical Theatre "PUSH": Tech Requirements

STAGE Proscenium opening: 38’ Wide x 18’ High Stage depth: 35’ from plaster line to rear curtain Wing/offstage space: 10’ Wide x Full Stage Depth unobstructed SOFT-GOODS Presenter to provide and hang the following: 1. At least 6 matching black legs (3 on each side of the stage) sufficient to cover height of grid to floor, and width to cover audience sight-lines offstage and to lighting instruments on off-stage booms. 2. 1 full-stage white cyclorama 3. 1 full-stage black FLAT curtain 4. 1 full-stage black scrim 5. Tape: a. 1 roll of 2” Black Gaffer tape b. 1 roll of 1” Glow tape LIGHTING Light Plot shall be hung, circuited, gelled and troubleshot. Any Intelligent Lighting Systems and/or Atmospheric Effects (such as Haze) must be in working order prior to Company’s arrival. SOUND Presenter will provide a sound system VIDEO Presenter provides 8,000 lumens front or rear projector onto cyclorama.

PUSH Physical Theatre "PUSH": Fee Ranges

Fee Range for public performances: $9500 public performance
Fee Range for residencies and workshops: $500 master class