Will's Jams
Will's Jams

Showcase Info

  • Genre: Youth/Family
  • Type: AHS
  • Date & Time: WED, Oct 16, 9:09-9:21pm

Performance Info

  • Years Touring: 14
  • Number of Performers: 3
  • Fee Range: 2000-3500
Will Stroet of Will's Jams is JUNO-nominated singer-songwriter, CBC Kids and Universal Kids TV star, educator and dad who creates multilingual music that ignites imagination and motivates movement. Through original blues, rock, roots and pop songs with witty wordplay and catchy choruses, Will inspires kids to be active, healthy, creative and engaged in the world through educational music in English with some French, Spanish and Mandarin. Will's performed nearly 2,000 shows for kids and families across Canada and internationally since he began performing in 2005. Will's 10th album, "Rocks and Roots," inspires kids to try new things and spend time with family outdoors.
Website: Will's Jams